a police department.


I, for the most part, do not believe standards should be changed to get into a police department. I say for the most part because I do agree that minor drug use or minor charges should prohibit someone from following their career goals. The changes i do not agree with are when police departments lower their physical standards and allow people to have a lower standard to get in. Personally I would want the people backing me up to be equally as fit and meet the standard I had to meet. In Connecticut some police departments require an applicant to take the “CHIP” physical agility test. The CHIP test has different standards for age groups and genders. While comparing the 20-29 year old male and female standards it is insanely different. The events consist of a 1 minute sit up, 1 minute push up, 300 meter run and a 1.5 mile run. The times for male vs female are 38 vs 32, 29 vs 15, 59 seconds vs 71 seconds and 12:38 vs 14:50 respectively. I understand the different times for different age groups I do not understand the vastly different requirements for genders. I feel the same goes for deafness, blindness and other major disabilities. I feel the standards should be the same for the safety for the officers and the public. I am not saying that females have to meet male standards, I believe there should be a middle ground that challenges both sets of people and still proves everyone is physically fit. I think a change that can be made is yearly physical testing of officers to ensure they stay up to standard. If we have officers that are not physically fit they will undoubtedly escalate situations faster to other uses of force because they do not have confidence in their physical abilities. Also, officers should be able to feel their back up can physically assist them when needed.


I disagree with your response on people with minor drug use being disallowed to enter into the police. I believe they should be given a chance to achieve their career goals despite having minor drug abuse. Such people can relate well with other drug users and they can empathize and fully understand the position of others. In addition, they can be a source of hope to other drug users.

Also, I disagree with your position both male and female should be hired by the same standards. This is unfair because all of them are abled differently, females have lower strength and muscle compared to men so hiring them based on the same requirements and standards would be unfair to the women. In addition, people with disabilities should have different hiring requirements compared to other people for fairness. Considering other people with improve diversity and inclusivity for all people.


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