Hello, I need a help in drafting a letter of response. We received a violation letter from the fire department regarding failure to provide access to utilities located in our basement so that the solar company can put a solar to our neighbor. Our house is a duplex. The neighbor nor the solar company did not ask us to set up an appointment. We want to reply to the violation and wanted to inquire about what job they will do, duration of the job, frequency of access, involved risks to our house and and agree to a schedule that work for all of us.. not showing up anytime and then telling the fire department we violated a code.

Though, we would need at least 1 month notification because of our schedule. In our household, we all work in the hospital and have a difficult schedule.

Besides on our schedule, we are really concerned about our safety regarding the risks and liability associated to this electricity work because our house is very old and would like some assurance that if something happens during this work that we are not liable to it.

If you have any recommendations that I might miss in this instructions, please feel free to add it to make the letter stronger in our favor.

We really felt disrespected by the solar company and our neighbor because they just showed up to our house without proper notice and then calling the cops and fire department that we are in violation.

Thank you so much for your help!