I want to request a letter for help to three different magistrate offices or headquarter offices in the state of Virginia to stop ongoing harassments that has been going on for more than three years. I only recently found out it was deriving from EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement persons who were hired to harrassed me in an effort to exact revenge from a legal situation that took place in another state. It has followed me to places where I lived and worked they have hacked into devices, deleted information, destroyed photos, ease dropped on conversations, intercepted calls to 911, non emergency and currently using cyber bullying to harass me with personal details of my life that were stolen and taken from email accounts, personal data, cell phone records, contacts, stealing my birth certificates, documents, work records, any person who may or may not have had relations with me, changing and altering records of phone calls most important STEALING a computer that belonged to me accessing information pretending to be me. A lot but if you can not do this recommend someone who could draft up a document for help or how I can advertise for help in Virginia through the world wide web. They are destroying me and literally getting away with it all by having tried me in the streets and among themselves.