I have a contract that is far too verbose and complicated. It is a mining contract ~ do you think you would be able to rewrite it simply and professionally?

This contract was a blanket contract from a different mining company altered to “fit” our model but does not work.

We will be mining for said individuals but the equipment will be ours and remain in our possession. The contract needs to show that we will pay the individuals a set amount, monthly up to a certain percentage of their initial investment. For example, say the individual wants to invest 20k and we state that we will pay the 20k + 50% of the total invested amount over the course of 12 months. Payments would begin two months after the beginning of the receipt of the deposit and in this example, 20k invested + 10k earned / 12 months = $2500 per month for 12 months.

This is more like a loan product but there needs to be legalese to protect us in the event that nature happens or BTc falls to record lows etc