, I need a 2241 motion is not organize but Iam typing all the information, the person is actual incarcerated, and we are looking evidentuary hearing and earned credits for first step act. do you think you can help me? I would like a motion that could be submitted by himself, but we need professional touched to this.

Great still iam typing all the letters that he sent me, many of this information are repeat or maybe i can scanner the rest and you decide what to use. unfortanetely the case is for conspirancy mail fraud, he was insurance agent and has 60 months, he plea guilty the pressure that put it his attorney and after we find out was nothing to be worried. but the case got a lot of misunderstanding, after we got an appeal attorney that took a wrong direction too, so we decide to write a 2241 now, do you want that I attached the typewriting with what I got at this point, or you prefer I finished to type?