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“Strategizing the Drafting of a Notice of Opposition to Mobile Home Lien”

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A Notice of Opposition to Mobile Home Lien is a formal document used to contest a lien placed against a mobile home. This notice is essential for homeowners who believe that a lien filed on their mobile home is unjustified or erroneous, allowing them to legally challenge and potentially remove the lien.


The need for a Notice of Opposition arises when a lien is filed against a mobile home, whether for alleged unpaid debts, services, or other claims. If the homeowner disputes the validity or accuracy of the lien, filing a notice of opposition is the first step in the legal process to contest it.

How to Draft

To draft a Notice of Opposition to Mobile Home Lien:

  1. Identification of Parties: Include the name and address of the homeowner (opposing party) and the lienholder.
  2. Reference to the Lien: Clearly identify the lien being opposed, including any identifying numbers, the date it was filed, and the amount claimed.
  3. Grounds for Opposition: State the reasons for opposing the lien. These may include disputes over the debt’s validity, payment already made, or procedural errors in the lien filing.
  4. Supporting Evidence: Refer to any evidence supporting your opposition, such as receipts, contracts, or correspondence.
  5. Legal Basis: If applicable, cite legal grounds that support the invalidity of the lien.
  6. Demand for Relief: State what you are asking the court to do, typically to declare the lien invalid and remove it from the property record.
  7. Signature and Date: The notice should be signed and dated by the homeowner or their legal representative.


File the Notice of Opposition with the court in the jurisdiction where the lien was filed. Ensure that it meets any specific filing requirements and that a copy is served to the lienholder.


A Notice of Opposition to Mobile Home Lien is an important legal instrument for protecting homeowners’ rights and property. Drafting and filing this notice effectively can prevent unjust financial burdens and safeguard homeowners from unwarranted claims against their mobile homes.