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“Preparing an Early Case Conference Report: A Strategic Legal Approach”

Service Description


An Early Case Conference Report is a foundational document in many litigation processes, serving as a roadmap for how the case will proceed. It is typically prepared after an early case conference, where parties discuss and plan the initial stages of litigation, including discovery and key issues to be addressed.


The requirement for an Early Case Conference Report is often mandated by court rules, especially in complex civil litigation. It ensures that both parties, along with the court, have a clear understanding of the case’s trajectory, the discovery plan, and any potential issues that might arise.

How to Draft

To draft an Early Case Conference Report:

  1. Case Summary: Begin with a brief summary of the case, including the basic facts and legal claims involved.
  2. List of Attendees: Identify all parties, lawyers, and other individuals who attended the early case conference.
  3. Discovery Plan: Outline the agreed-upon discovery plan, detailing the types of discovery (document production, depositions, etc.) and respective timelines.
  4. Disputed Issues: Document any disputed issues discussed during the conference and any preliminary positions taken by each party.
  5. Settlement Discussion: Include a summary of any settlement discussions that occurred, if applicable.
  6. Scheduling: Provide a proposed timeline for key case events, including motions, hearings, and potential trial dates.
  7. Signatures: The report should be signed by the attorneys of the respective parties, affirming the accuracy of the contents.


File the Early Case Conference Report with the court as per the stipulated deadline. Ensure a copy is served to the opposing counsel and maintain a copy for your records.


An Early Case Conference Report is an essential document in the early phase of litigation. It sets the tone for how the case will be managed and provides a structured plan for moving forward. Proper preparation and timely filing of this report are crucial for the efficient and effective handling of the legal case.