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“Preparing a Notice of Entry of Limited Appearance in Immigration Court”

Service Description


The Notice of Entry of Limited Appearance for Document Assistance Before the Immigration Court is a legal form used in U.S. immigration proceedings. This document is filed by attorneys or accredited representatives who assist individuals in specific aspects of their immigration case, without representing them in all aspects of the proceedings.


This notice is required when a legal professional intends to assist an individual with certain elements of their immigration case, such as document preparation or submission, without fully representing them in court. This limited scope of representation must be clearly defined to avoid any confusion about the attorney’s or representative’s role.

How to Draft

Drafting the Notice of Entry of Limited Appearance involves several key steps:

  1. Attorney or Representative Details: Include the name, address, contact information, and bar number (if applicable) of the attorney or accredited representative.
  2. Client Information: Clearly state the name and Alien Registration Number (A-Number) of the individual receiving assistance.
  3. Scope of Representation: Define the specific tasks or aspects of the case for which the attorney or representative is providing assistance.
  4. Duration of Appearance: Specify the duration of this limited representation, including any specific court dates or deadlines.
  5. Signature and Date: Ensure the document is signed and dated by the attorney or representative.


The completed Notice of Entry of Limited Appearance should be filed with the immigration court handling the individual’s case. A copy should be provided to the individual receiving assistance and retained by the legal professional for their records.


Filing a Notice of Entry of Limited Appearance for Document Assistance is an important process in immigration law, allowing individuals to receive specific legal help without full representation. It ensures clarity in the role and responsibilities of the legal professional involved and helps streamline various aspects of immigration proceedings for those who may not require or afford full legal representation.