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Motion to Withdraw as Counsel

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A Motion to Withdraw as Counsel is a formal request made by an attorney to the court, seeking permission to withdraw from representing a client in a legal case.


Before filing, it’s essential to review the court’s rules and guidelines concerning attorney withdrawal. The motion must demonstrate valid grounds for withdrawal, such as a breakdown in the attorney-client relationship or ethical conflicts.

How to Draft:

  • Start with a clear statement of your request to withdraw as counsel.
  • Provide specific reasons for seeking withdrawal, ensuring they are valid and comply with ethical guidelines.
  • Explain any attempts made to resolve the issues leading to the withdrawal request.
  • Ensure the motion complies with the court’s specific rules regarding format and content.


Once drafted, file the motion with the court clerk. Serve a copy to the client and any other relevant parties as per court rules. The court will then review the motion and make a decision based on its merits.


Filing a Motion to Withdraw as Counsel is a serious step that requires careful consideration and adherence to ethical guidelines. By thoroughly understanding the court’s requirements, clearly articulating the reasons for withdrawal, and following the correct filing procedures, you increase the likelihood of the court granting your motion, allowing you to withdraw from the case ethically and professionally.