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Motion to Supplement Record on Appeal

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A Motion to Supplement Record on Appeal is a formal request made to an appellate court, seeking permission to add additional documents or evidence to the record that was not included in the initial trial.


Before proceeding, review the appellate court’s rules and guidelines regarding supplemental records. The motion must convincingly demonstrate why the additional evidence is necessary for a fair and accurate appeal.

How to Draft:

  • Start with a clear statement of your request to supplement the record on appeal.
  • Provide detailed reasons for the request, explaining the significance of the additional evidence to the appeal.
  • If applicable, explain why the evidence was not included in the initial trial.
  • Ensure the motion complies with the appellate court’s specific rules regarding format and content.


After drafting the motion, file it with the court clerk, paying any necessary fees. Serve a copy to all involved parties as per court rules. The appellate court will then review the motion and make a decision based on its merits.


Filing a Motion to Supplement Record on Appeal is a crucial step in ensuring that the appellate court has all the necessary information to make a fair and informed decision. By thoroughly understanding court requirements, clearly articulating your reasons for the request, and following proper filing procedures, you increase your chances of having the motion granted, ultimately enhancing your prospects for a successful appeal.