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Motion to Submit Case on Briefs

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A “motion to submit case on briefs” is a legal request asking the court to make a decision based on the written briefs submitted by the parties, without the need for oral argument.


To file a motion to submit case on briefs, the party must comply with the court’s rules and timelines. They must provide a valid reason for seeking to submit the case on briefs, such as the issues being straightforward and not requiring further clarification through oral argument. The motion must be filed in the court where the case is pending.

How to Draft

When drafting a motion to submit a case on briefs, the moving party should clearly state the reasons for the request. They should explain why oral argument is unnecessary and how the written briefs sufficiently address the issues before the court. The motion should include any relevant legal arguments, supporting documents, and a proposed order for the court’s consideration.


Once the motion is drafted, it should be filed with the court clerk, and copies should be served to all parties involved in the case. Some jurisdictions may require a hearing on the motion, and proper notice must be given to all parties.


In conclusion, filing a motion to submit a case on briefs is an essential step for parties seeking to streamline their legal proceedings and save time and resources. By understanding the requirements, carefully drafting the motion, and following the proper filing procedures, parties can increase their chances of success in their legal proceedings.