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Motion to Strike Portion or Whole of Document

Service Description


A Motion to Strike Portion or Whole of Document is a formal request asking the court to remove specific parts or the entirety of a document submitted in a legal case, usually on the grounds of irrelevance or impropriety.


Before filing, thoroughly review the court’s rules and guidelines regarding striking materials from the record. The motion must convincingly argue why the specific portion or entire document is irrelevant or improper and should be excluded from court records.

How to Draft:

  • Start with a clear statement of your request to strike the specified portion or whole document.
  • Provide detailed reasons for the request, explaining why the material is irrelevant or improper.
  • Cite any relevant legal authorities or case laws that support your position.
  • Ensure the motion complies with the court’s specific rules regarding format and content.


Once drafted, file the motion with the court clerk, paying any necessary fees. Serve a copy to all involved parties as per court rules. The court will then review the motion and make a decision based on its merits.


Filing a Motion to Strike Portion or Whole of Document is an essential step in ensuring that only relevant and proper material is considered by the court. By understanding the court’s requirements, meticulously preparing your motion, and following the correct filing procedures, you increase your chances of having the motion granted, thereby contributing to a fair and accurate legal proceeding.