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Motion to Place on Calendar (Generic)

Service Description


A Generic Motion to Place on Calendar is filed by a party seeking to have their case scheduled for a hearing or trial.


The filer must demonstrate the necessity of timely hearing their case, ensuring all prerequisites for trial or hearing have been met.

How to Draft:

  • Clearly state your request to have your case placed on the court’s calendar.
  • Include pertinent details of the case, ensuring all documents and evidence are ready for presentation.
  • Highlight the importance of a timely hearing to resolve the matter efficiently.
  • Comply with court rules regarding format, content, and any specific requirements.


Submit the completed motion to the court clerk, paying any required fees. Serve copies to all involved parties in accordance with court rules. The court will then review the motion and determine the appropriate scheduling based on its merits.


Filing a Generic Motion to Place on Calendar is an essential step in progressing your case toward resolution. Understanding the court’s requirements, meticulously preparing your motion, and adhering to filing procedures significantly enhance the likelihood of having your case heard in a timely manner, thus facilitating a more expedient resolution to your legal matter.