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Motion to Hear Case with Other Case

Service Description


A Motion to Hear Case with Other Case is a request to the court to consolidate and hear two or more related cases concurrently. This can result in a more efficient legal process, saving both time and resources, while ensuring consistency in court decisions.


The first step in filing a Motion to Hear Case with Other Case is to review the court’s specific rules and requirements for case consolidation. The motion must clearly outline the reasons why the cases should be heard together, demonstrating the similarities and relevance of each case to the other.

How to Draft:

  • Begin with a clear statement of your request to consolidate and hear the cases together.
  • Highlight the similarities between the cases, detailing how they are related and why it’s in the court’s best interest to hear them concurrently.
  • Discuss the benefits of consolidation, such as saving time and resources and maintaining consistency in legal decisions.
  • Address any potential counterarguments or concerns the court might have.


File the motion with the court clerk, including any necessary filing fees. Serve a copy to the opposing party and any other relevant parties, as dictated by court rules. The court will then assess the motion and decide whether to grant the request.


A Motion to Hear Case with Other Case can simplify the legal process for related cases, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient court experience. By thoroughly understanding court requirements, carefully drafting the motion, and following proper filing protocols, you significantly increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome.