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Motion to Dismiss Case for Failure to Prosecute

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A Motion to Dismiss Case for Failure to Prosecute is a formal request to the court to terminate a case due to the plaintiff’s inaction in advancing the legal proceedings within a reasonable timeframe.


It’s vital to consult the specific rules and guidelines set by the court regarding case timelines and dismissal procedures. The motion should convincingly demonstrate the plaintiff’s failure to act and the resulting prejudice suffered by the defendant.

How to Draft:

  • Begin with a clear and concise statement of your request to dismiss the case for lack of prosecution.
  • Detail the case’s timeline, highlighting the plaintiff’s inaction and the required steps that were not taken to progress the case.
  • Describe the prejudice experienced by the defendant due to the plaintiff’s failure to act.
  • Ensure the motion adheres to all court-specific rules and guidelines regarding format and content.


After crafting the motion, submit it to the court clerk, along with any necessary filing fees. Serve a copy to the plaintiff and other involved parties as required by court rules. The court will then evaluate the motion and determine whether to dismiss the case.


A Motion to Dismiss Case for Failure to Prosecute is a vital tool for defendants faced with a stagnant legal process due to the plaintiff’s inaction. By thoroughly understanding court requirements, diligently drafting the motion, and adhering to the correct filing procedures, you enhance your chances of having the case dismissed, thereby relieving yourself from the burdens of an unresolved legal matter.