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Motion for Summary Reversal

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A Motion for Summary Reversal is a formal request made to an appellate court, asking for a quick reversal of a lower court’s decision without the need for oral arguments.


Before filing this motion, it is imperative to review the appellate court’s rules and guidelines for summary reversals. The motion must convincingly argue that the lower court’s decision was clearly erroneous and that a summary reversal is justified.

How to Draft:

  • Start with a clear statement of your request for a summary reversal of the lower court’s decision.
  • Provide a concise yet compelling argument as to why the lower court’s decision was clearly wrong and should be reversed.
  • Cite relevant legal authorities and case law that support your position.
  • Ensure the motion complies with the appellate court’s specific rules and guidelines regarding format and content.


After drafting the motion, file it with the appellate court clerk, including any necessary filing fees. Serve a copy to the opposing party and any other relevant parties as per court rules. The appellate court will then review the motion and decide whether to grant the summary reversal.


A Motion for Summary Reversal is an effective legal tool that can expedite the reversal of an unfavorable lower court decision. By thoroughly understanding the appellate court’s requirements, carefully crafting a compelling argument, and adhering to the proper filing procedures, you enhance your chances of achieving a successful outcome.