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Motion for Summary Disposition

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A Motion for Summary Disposition is a legal plea requesting the court to make a decision based on the facts presented, without proceeding to trial, on the grounds that there are no disputed material facts.


Before filing this motion, thoroughly review the court’s rules and guidelines concerning summary dispositions, and comprehend the specific procedures for requesting a decision without trial.

How to Draft:

  • Begin with a clear and concise statement of your request for a summary disposition.
  • Present a detailed account of the facts, evidencing that there are no disputed material facts necessitating a trial.
  • Cite relevant case law or statutes that support your position.
  • Ensure compliance with the court’s specific rules regarding format and content for the motion.


Once the motion is prepared, file it with the court clerk, paying any necessary fees. Serve copies to all involved parties as per court rules. The court will then review the motion and decide based on its merits.


Filing a Motion for Summary Disposition can significantly expedite the legal process, offering a chance for a swift resolution to the case. By thoroughly understanding the court’s requirements, preparing your motion with precision, and following proper filing procedures, you increase your chances of having the motion granted, thus potentially saving time and resources in the pursuit of a favorable outcome.