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Motion for Appointment of Counsel

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A Motion for Appointment of Counsel is filed by a party who cannot afford an attorney, requesting the court to appoint one at the government’s expense.


The filer must demonstrate financial inability to hire private counsel and show that legal representation is necessary for a fair trial or legal proceeding.

How to Draft:

  • Clearly state your request for court-appointed counsel.
  • Include detailed information about your financial situation to establish your inability to afford private representation.
  • Explain why legal representation is crucial in your case, detailing the complexities or potential legal challenges you face.
  • Ensure compliance with court rules regarding format and content.


Submit the completed motion to the court clerk, paying any required fees. Serve copies to all involved parties in accordance with court rules. The court will then review the motion and decide based on its merits.


Filing a Motion for Appointment of Counsel is crucial for those unable to afford private legal representation. With a comprehensive understanding of the court’s requirements, careful preparation, and adherence to filing procedures, you enhance the likelihood of having your motion granted, securing the legal support necessary for a fair trial or legal proceeding.