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“Guidelines for Filing a Notice of Appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals”

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The Notice of Appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) from a Decision of a DHS Officer is a formal legal document used in the United States immigration system. This notice is filed by individuals or their representatives who seek to challenge a decision made by a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officer regarding their immigration case.


Filing a Notice of Appeal is required when an individual disagrees with a decision made by a DHS officer regarding their immigration status, such as deportation orders, asylum denials, or other significant rulings. The appeal must be based on grounds that the decision was incorrect based on law, facts, or procedural errors.

How to Draft

Drafting a Notice of Appeal involves several important elements:

  1. Identification: Include full personal information, such as name, address, Alien Registration Number (A-Number), and case number.
  2. Details of the Decision: Clearly state the decision being appealed, including the date of the decision and the name of the DHS officer.
  3. Grounds for Appeal: Articulate the reasons for the appeal, focusing on why the decision was incorrect or unjust. This should include legal arguments and references to specific laws or statutes.
  4. Supporting Evidence: Attach or reference any evidence that supports the grounds for appeal.
  5. Signature and Date: Ensure the document is signed and dated. If a legal representative is involved, their details must also be included.


The Notice of Appeal must be filed within a specific timeframe, usually 30 days from the date of the decision. It should be filed directly with the BIA, following their specific guidelines for submissions, which often include a filing fee. It’s crucial to retain proof of filing, such as a receipt or confirmation.


Filing a Notice of Appeal to the BIA is a critical step in contesting a DHS decision. It is an opportunity for individuals to seek justice and correct potentially life-altering immigration rulings. Given the complexity and importance of this process, it is often advisable to seek legal assistance to ensure the appeal is effectively drafted and filed.