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“Guidelines for Drafting a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal of Civil Action”

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A Notice of Voluntary Dismissal of Civil Action is a legal document filed by a plaintiff to formally withdraw their lawsuit before it has been resolved by a trial or settlement. This notice is pivotal in civil litigation as it signals the plaintiff’s intention to discontinue the legal action they initiated.


The need for filing a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal arises when the plaintiff decides not to pursue their case any further. This decision could be due to a variety of reasons, including reaching an out-of-court settlement, re-evaluating the likelihood of success, or financial considerations.

How to Draft

To draft a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal of Civil Action:

  1. Case Information: Include the name of the court, the case title, and the docket number at the top of the document.
  2. Statement of Dismissal: Clearly state your intention to voluntarily dismiss the action. Specify whether the dismissal is with or without prejudice. A dismissal “without prejudice” allows for the lawsuit to be filed again in the future, whereas a dismissal “with prejudice” means it cannot be refiled.
  3. Compliance with Rules: Ensure that the notice complies with the relevant court rules and procedures for voluntary dismissal.
  4. Signatures: The notice must be signed by the plaintiff or their attorney.
  5. Date: Include the date on which the notice is filed.


File the notice with the court where the lawsuit was originally filed. Serve a copy of the notice on the defendant or their attorney. Make sure to adhere to any deadlines or other requirements set forth by the court’s rules.


A Notice of Voluntary Dismissal of Civil Action is an essential mechanism in the legal system, allowing plaintiffs to withdraw their lawsuit under certain circumstances. Properly drafting and filing this notice is critical for the smooth termination of legal proceedings and to preserve the rights of the plaintiff for potential future actions.