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“Essential Guide to Filing an Application for Suspension of Deportation”

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The Application for Suspension of Deportation is a critical legal recourse for certain non-citizens in the United States who are facing deportation or removal. This application allows individuals to request legal permission to remain in the U.S. based on specific criteria, offering a chance to avoid deportation under certain circumstances.


To be eligible for suspension of deportation, applicants typically must demonstrate continuous physical presence in the U.S. for a specified period, good moral character during this time, and that deportation would cause extreme hardship to themselves or to their U.S. citizen or permanent resident relatives. This application is subject to stringent criteria and is often seen as a last resort for those facing removal.

How to Draft

Drafting the Application for Suspension of Deportation involves several important components:

  1. Personal Information: Include detailed personal and immigration status information, such as full legal name, Alien Registration Number (A-Number), and current residency status.
  2. Evidence of Continuous Presence: Provide documentation proving your physical presence in the U.S. for the required period.
  3. Demonstration of Good Moral Character: Attach evidence such as character references, employment records, and community involvement that establish your moral character.
  4. Proof of Hardship: Compile detailed information and supporting documents demonstrating the extreme hardship that deportation would cause to you or your family members.
  5. Legal Argumentation: If possible, include a legal argument, supported by statutes and precedents, that strengthens your case for suspension.


Once prepared, the application should be filed with the immigration court handling your case. Ensure that you follow all the court’s procedural requirements and include any necessary filing fees. It is recommended to keep copies of all submitted documents for your records.


Filing an Application for Suspension of Deportation is a complex but potentially life-altering process. It represents a crucial opportunity for individuals facing removal to make their case for remaining in the United States. Due to the complexities of immigration law and the high stakes involved, seeking assistance from a legal professional experienced in immigration law is highly recommended.