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“Drafting an Order for Approval of a Disclosure Statement in Bankruptcy Cases”

Service Description


The Order Approving Disclosure Statement and Fixing Time for Filing Acceptances or Rejections of Plan, combined with Notice Thereof, is a crucial document in bankruptcy proceedings. This legal order signifies the court’s approval of a disclosure statement related to a bankruptcy plan and sets deadlines for stakeholders to accept or reject the proposed plan.


Such an order is necessary after a disclosure statement is filed in a bankruptcy case. The statement must provide adequate information for creditors and interested parties to make an informed decision about the proposed plan. The order is a key step in moving forward with the plan confirmation process.

How to Draft

Drafting this order involves several critical elements:

  1. Case and Plan Details: Start by referencing the bankruptcy case number and the name of the debtor. Briefly describe the proposed plan that is associated with the disclosure statement.
  2. Approval of Disclosure Statement: Clearly state that the court has reviewed and approved the disclosure statement as containing adequate information.
  3. Deadlines for Acceptance or Rejection: Specify the deadlines for creditors and interested parties to file their acceptances or rejections of the proposed plan.
  4. Notice Requirements: Detail the requirements for notifying all interested parties of the approval of the disclosure statement and the deadlines for accepting or rejecting the plan.
  5. Hearing Date for Plan Confirmation: If applicable, include the date and time of the hearing to confirm the plan.


Once drafted, the order should be filed with the bankruptcy court handling the case. Ensure that it is filed in accordance with the court’s procedural rules and served upon all interested parties as required by the bankruptcy code and rules.


An Order Approving Disclosure Statement and Fixing Time for Filing Acceptances or Rejections of Plan is a pivotal document in the bankruptcy process. It serves as a bridge between the disclosure of plan details and the decision-making by creditors and stakeholders. Drafting and filing this order accurately is essential for the smooth progression towards the resolution of the bankruptcy case.