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“Drafting an Appearance of Counsel: A Key Step for Legal Representation”

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An Appearance of Counsel is a formal legal document filed by an attorney indicating their representation of a client in a legal matter. This document is a fundamental part of court proceedings, formally notifying the court and other parties that the attorney will act on behalf of the client in the case.


The need for filing an Appearance of Counsel arises when an attorney agrees to represent a client in a legal matter. It’s required in both civil and criminal cases and is a prerequisite for an attorney to participate in court proceedings on behalf of a client.

How to Draft

To draft an Appearance of Counsel:

  1. Attorney and Client Information: Include the name, address, and contact information of the attorney, along with the name of the client being represented.
  2. Case Details: State the case name, number, and the court where the case is being heard.
  3. Statement of Representation: Clearly indicate that the attorney is appearing on behalf of the client in this specific case.
  4. Service of Documents: Provide instructions on how future legal documents related to the case should be served to the attorney.
  5. Signature and Date: The attorney should sign and date the document, certifying their role as legal representative for the client.


File the Appearance of Counsel with the court clerk where the case is being heard. Ensure that copies of the document are served to the opposing party or their attorney, as well as to the client.


Filing an Appearance of Counsel is an essential step in the legal process, ensuring that all parties are aware of the attorney-client relationship and that the attorney has the authority to act on behalf of their client. Properly drafting and filing this document is crucial for the smooth functioning of legal proceedings and effective communication between parties.