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“Drafting a Waiver of a Preliminary Hearing: Legal Considerations and Procedure”

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A Waiver of a Preliminary Hearing is a legal document used in the criminal justice system. This waiver signifies that the accused voluntarily relinquishes their right to a preliminary hearing, where the prosecution must establish probable cause for the charges. The decision to waive this hearing is strategic and should be made after careful consideration and legal consultation.


The requirement for a Waiver of a Preliminary Hearing arises when an individual, after being charged with a crime, opts to forego the preliminary hearing. This decision could be based on various factors, including a plea agreement, the strength of the prosecution’s case, or a strategy devised by the defense.

How to Draft

To draft a Waiver of a Preliminary Hearing:

  1. Personal and Case Information: Start with your name, the case number, and the court in which your case is being heard.
  2. Acknowledgment of Rights: Clearly state that you understand your right to a preliminary hearing and what that entails.
  3. Voluntary Waiver: Express that your decision to waive the hearing is voluntary and not the result of coercion, pressure, or promises outside of any plea agreement.
  4. Consequences of Waiving: Acknowledge that you understand the consequences of waiving your right to a preliminary hearing.
  5. Legal Representation: If represented by an attorney, state that you have consulted with your lawyer and have been advised about the implications of your waiver.
  6. Signature and Date: Sign and date the document. If represented, your attorney should also sign.


The completed waiver should be filed with the court where the charges are pending. Additionally, copies should be provided to the prosecuting attorney and kept for your records.


Waiving a Preliminary Hearing is a significant legal decision with profound implications for a criminal case. This waiver is a tactical move and should be made with full awareness of the legal rights being relinquished. Properly drafting and submitting this document is a crucial part of this strategic decision.