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“Drafting a Notice of Posting Acceptance of Supersedeas/Cost Bond in Appellate Proceedings”

Service Description


The Notice of Posting Acceptance of a Supersedeas/Cost Bond on Appeal is a crucial document in appellate court proceedings. This notice is filed by a party who has posted a bond as a condition for appealing a court decision. The supersedeas bond, often referred to as an appeal bond, is used to delay payment of a judgment pending appeal and to cover associated costs.


Filing this notice is necessary when a party appealing a court decision is required to post a bond. This requirement often arises in civil litigation where the appealing party seeks to stay the execution of the judgment while the appeal is pending. The bond assures payment of the original judgment and court costs should the appeal fail.

How to Draft

To draft a Notice of Posting Acceptance of Supersedeas/Cost Bond:

  1. Case Information: Include the case name, case number, and the court in which the appeal is filed.
  2. Details of the Bond: State the amount of the bond posted and the name of the bonding company or financial institution.
  3. Purpose of the Bond: Clearly indicate that the bond is posted as a supersedeas/cost bond for the purpose of appealing the court’s decision.
  4. Filing and Acceptance Information: Mention the date of filing the bond and any acceptance or approval details provided by the court.
  5. Signature and Date: The notice must be signed and dated by the party filing the appeal or their legal representative.


The completed notice should be filed with the appellate court and a copy served to the opposing party or their attorney. Ensure that the filing complies with the procedural rules of the appellate court, including any deadlines.


Filing a Notice of Posting Acceptance of Supersedeas/Cost Bond on Appeal is an integral part of the appellate process for civil cases. It demonstrates compliance with court requirements for appealing a decision and ensures that the execution of the judgment is legally stayed. Accurate and timely drafting and filing of this notice are crucial for the successful continuation of the appellate process.