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“Drafting a Notice of Entry of Order or Judgment: A Key Step in Legal Proceedings”

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The Notice of Entry of Order or Judgment is a formal legal document that notifies the parties involved in a legal case about the entry of a court’s order or judgment. This notice is a crucial part of the legal process, as it often triggers the start of the time period for filing appeals or carrying out the court’s directives.


This notice is necessary following the issuance of an order or judgment by the court. It serves as an official record that the decision has been formally entered into the court records, which is essential for any subsequent legal actions, including appeals or enforcement of the order.

How to Draft

To draft a Notice of Entry of Order or Judgment:

  1. Case Information: Include the case name, case number, and the court in which the case was heard.
  2. Details of the Order or Judgment: Clearly describe the order or judgment that has been entered, including the date of the court’s decision.
  3. Notification Statement: State that this notice serves as the official notification of the entry of the order or judgment.
  4. Service Information: Outline how and when the notice will be served to other parties in the case.
  5. Signature and Date: Sign and date the notice, confirming that the information provided is accurate and complete.


Once drafted, the Notice of Entry of Order or Judgment should be filed with the court clerk. Following the court’s rules, serve copies to all parties involved in the case, ensuring that service is completed in a timely manner, as stipulated by legal requirements.


The Notice of Entry of Order or Judgment is an essential document that formally communicates the court’s decisions to all relevant parties. Accurately drafting and timely serving this notice is crucial for upholding the legal process and ensuring that parties are informed and able to exercise their rights, such as filing an appeal if necessary.