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“Drafting a Location Release for Film and Photography: Key Considerations”

Service Description


A Location Release is a legal document used in the film and photography industries, granting permission to use a specific location for shooting purposes. This agreement is between the property owner (or authorized representative) and the production team. It’s essential for legally capturing visuals at a particular place without future legal complications.


The need for a Location Release arises whenever a production involves shooting at a location that is not public property or owned by the production entity. The form should clearly identify the location, the parties involved, the scope of the permission (areas of the location, time, activities allowed), and any compensation or terms agreed upon.

How to Draft

Drafting a Location Release involves specifying the location details, including the address and specific areas to be used. The agreement should outline the terms of use, such as the dates and times the location will be accessed and the specific activities permitted. Include any compensation offered to the location owner and address liability issues, insurance coverage, and property damage. The agreement should also mention rights to the final produced content (film or photographs) and how they will be used.


Once the Location Release is drafted and signed, it doesn’t need to be filed with any government agency but should be retained by the production team. It’s crucial to have the signed document on hand during the shoot to resolve any disputes or misunderstandings about the use of the location. The property owner should also retain a copy for their records.


A Location Release is a vital tool in the realm of film and photography production, providing legal clearance and preventing future disputes over property use. It ensures that both the property owner’s rights and the production team’s needs are respected and agreed upon. Properly drafting and obtaining this document is crucial for a smooth production process and maintaining professional relationships with location owners.