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“Creating an Affidavit of Service: A Key Document in Legal Proceedings”

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An Affidavit of Service is a sworn statement used in legal proceedings to verify that specific documents have been correctly served to an individual or party. This affidavit is a crucial piece of evidence, as it confirms the delivery of legal documents such as summons, complaints, or motions, ensuring that the due process of law is upheld.


The need for an Affidavit of Service arises whenever legal documents are served in a case. The affidavit is required to provide proof to the court that the relevant parties have received the necessary documents, which is essential for the legal process to proceed fairly and effectively.

How to Draft

To draft an Affidavit of Service:

  1. Server Identification: Include the name, age, and address of the person who served the documents.
  2. Details of the Service: Describe when, where, and how the documents were served. Include the date and time of service, the address where the documents were delivered, and the method of delivery (e.g., in person, by mail).
  3. Document Identification: Specify the documents that were served. This can include the title of the documents and any relevant case numbers.
  4. Recipient Information: State the name of the person or entity that received the documents.
  5. Sworn Statement: The server must declare under oath that the information in the affidavit is true and correct.
  6. Signature and Notarization: The affidavit should be signed by the server in front of a notary public, who will also notarize the document.


Once completed and notarized, the Affidavit of Service should be filed with the court handling the case. Ensure that it’s filed promptly according to the court’s timelines and procedures.


An Affidavit of Service is a fundamental document in legal proceedings, serving as proof that all parties have been properly notified of actions being taken or decisions made in a case. Accurate and timely preparation of this affidavit is essential to maintain the integrity of the legal process and to ensure that the rights of all parties are protected.