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“Creating a Summary Budget Worksheet for Attorney Services in High-Cost Non-Capital Cases”

Service Description


In non-capital legal cases that potentially involve extraordinary costs, drafting an Attorney Services Summary Budget Worksheet is a crucial step. This document provides a detailed financial plan for the attorney services required, ensuring all aspects of legal representation are adequately funded.


The need for this type of budget worksheet arises in complex legal cases where the attorney’s work might incur expenses significantly higher than usual. This includes cases requiring extensive research, multiple expert witnesses, prolonged trials, or intensive investigation.

How to Draft

To draft an Attorney Services Summary Budget Worksheet:

  1. Case Information: Start with details of the case, including case name, number, and a brief description.
  2. Scope of Legal Services: Outline the scope of services to be provided by the attorney. This may include pre-trial preparation, trial representation, post-trial filings, and any other legal services necessary.
  3. Hourly Rate and Time Estimate: List the attorney’s hourly rate and provide an estimate of the total time required for each aspect of the case.
  4. Additional Expenses: Include any additional expenses related to attorney services, such as travel, accommodation (if necessary), and other out-of-pocket costs.
  5. Total Cost Calculation: Calculate the total estimated cost of attorney services, combining hourly fees and additional expenses.
  6. Justification for Costs: Provide a rationale for the estimated costs, especially if they exceed typical amounts for similar cases.
  7. Signature of Attorney: The worksheet should be signed by the attorney, affirming the accuracy of the cost estimates provided.


The completed budget worksheet should be filed with the appropriate court or administrative body overseeing the case’s financial aspects. Ensure that it meets any specific guidelines or requirements for submission.


An Attorney Services Summary Budget Worksheet for non-capital cases with potential for extraordinary costs is vital for transparent and effective financial planning. It ensures that the funds required for comprehensive legal representation are clearly outlined and justified, paving the way for diligent and thorough case management.