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“Creating a Report of Authorized Communication Interception: A Guide for State, County, and Local Authorities”

Service Description


The Report of Application and/or Order Authorizing Interception of Communication is a crucial document for state, county, and local law enforcement agencies. It details the legal authorization and use of surveillance techniques, such as wiretapping, to intercept communications as part of criminal investigations. This report ensures transparency and accountability in surveillance activities.


This report is required whenever an agency applies for and receives a court order to intercept communications, in accordance with legal procedures and privacy laws. It’s a critical step in maintaining lawful surveillance practices and documenting the necessity and scope of such activities for investigative purposes.

How to Draft

Drafting this report involves several important aspects:

  1. Case Identification: Include the case name, number, and the law enforcement agency involved.
  2. Application Details: Summarize the details of the application for interception, including the date of application and the legal grounds cited for the request.
  3. Order Authorization: Document the specifics of the court order authorizing interception, including the date of issue and the judge’s name.
  4. Scope of Interception: Clearly detail the scope of the authorized interception, such as the type of communication to be intercepted, the subjects involved, and the duration of the authorization.
  5. Purpose and Justification: Explain the purpose of the interception and how it aligns with the objectives of the investigation.
  6. Compliance Statement: Affirm that the interception will be conducted in compliance with legal standards and privacy protections.
  7. Signature and Date: The report should be signed and dated by the responsible official in the law enforcement agency.


Submit the report to the relevant oversight body or court as required by law. Ensure that it is filed within the time frame specified by legal guidelines or court orders.


The Report of Application and/or Order Authorizing Interception of Communication is a vital document for law enforcement agencies engaged in authorized surveillance. It serves to document the legal and procedural compliance of interception activities, reinforcing the principles of justice and privacy protection in criminal investigations.